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Meet the Mircochurches: Steps of Kindness

The Unshackled Network is a decentralized network of microchurches with a mission to help those on the margins of Lake County, IL, and beyond experience freedom in Jesus. One of the micro churches within the network is based out of Kenya and led by Abraham Wonders. Get to know Abraham and Steps of Kindness:

Praise God, My name is Abraham Wonders and I am a servant of God from Nairobi, Kenya. Before becoming a Christian I was a Muslim and I was against Christians because of my previous beliefs in Allah but one day as I was watching TBN, I watched many programs that led me to Christ. In the beginning, my family was against me when I accepted Christ. I faced rejection but by the grace of God, they accepted my belief in Christ though it was not easy, until now.

My ministry began at my aunt’s house where I was leading house fellowships every evening. We saw God working in our lives. Today my ministry Steps of Kindness is giving hope to many through our organization. We help the less fortunate by giving them food, sanitary towels, shoes, books, and other basic needs. Our hope as a ministry is to save many souls and show the love of Christ through his Word as is expressed in John 3:16.

We have seen God in many ways; the sick are getting healed, the oppressed are set free, people have hope of eternal life, and we are seeing many come to Christ and have inner peace. We are teaching people the word of GOD…AND THE GOSPEL IS BEING PREACHED IN SEASON AND OUT OF SEASON.

Through generous donations to the Unshackled Network, Steps of Kindness has been able to pay the rent for the church each month. Our plans are to buy land to build a school and have a place for the homeless.

We are so grateful for the Unshackled Network and Pastor Fury! If anyone is willing to support our vision and purpose, we will be grateful!

If you would like to learn more about Steps of Kindness, please visit Steps of Kindness. To donate to this micro church, please visit here.


Contact: (847) 238-2923, info@unshacklednetwork.org

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