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Meet the Mircochurches: Frontline Street Intervention!

The Unshackled Network is a decentralized network of Microchurches with a mission to help those in the margins of Lake County, IL, and beyond experience freedom in Jesus. This month, we are featuring one of the micro churches within the network based in Lake County, IL, and led by Jesus “Chuy” Llanos.

Frontline Street Intervention’s mission is to prevent gang involvement, provide gang intervention, and promote social, spiritual, and life skill development. The mission of Frontline is very important to Chuy because before coming to know the Lord, Chuy was in and out of county jail and prison. While in jail, God opened his eyes on loyalty and he realized the life he was living would only keep him in jail or leave him dead. 

“I started to attend Torch Church at that time and joined bible study groups they held. I met Josue, George, Arman, and many more brothers and sisters.  That’s also when I surrendered to Him, left the gang, and wanted to Follow Jesus Christ. I later attended a ministry called Frontline Street Intervention, where I helped clean up after Holy Homies; a small bible group gathering and fellowship. I then became a group leader and led the Bible study group Holy Homies. As time went on I started to lead GLIFE (God’s love is for everyone) a basketball outreach and became the program director.” 

Frontline serves the Round Lake and Lake County area but they do wish to one day grow larger, but on God’s time! The hope is to preach the Gospel and reach out to as many people as they can and build and equip one another.

“Since being at Frontline Street Intervention, I’ve seen God rescue and change so many lives as well. From young to old; just being a part of it and God using me and others who are a part of Frontline too. I have seen people get baptized, gang tattoos removed, and or covered up. I just want everyone we cross paths with to know that Jesus Christ loves them! We just want to be the help our and other communities need.  We want to help kids in gangs and provide intervention/prevention to all who need it. I want people to know to never give up, even when you fall down. To Be the Difference and No Turning Back!”

If you want to know more about Frontline Street Intervention, please visit Frontline.  Inspired by Chuy’s story, learn more about the upcoming documentary about Chuy’s life here. To donate to this micro church, please visit Unshackled Network.


Contact: (847) 238-2923, info@unshacklednetwork.org

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