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Racial Justice Resources

We Are Missionaries & Freedom Fighters.


The Unshackled Network is a family of kingdom dreamers and innovators on mission to help those in the shadows of Lake County experience freedom in Jesus. 

A Network.   A Family.   A Church.

We are a grassroots network of micro-churches on mission throughout Lake County. Micro-churches are birthed at the intersection of worship, community and mission. Some are house churches, homeless or gang outreaches, or even more unique like our hip-hop discipleship micro-church that started this Summer. There are so many diverse expressions of church that can have impact in the forgotten places of our community.

Come join us. We are a new movement learning from the Tampa Underground, a gathering of missionaries that over 20 years ago followed a call from God to do something different in their community to demonstrate the reality of God’s word and His heart for all people. In that same vein, we too are on a mission to more deeply embrace kingdom values and live those out in Lake County.

Upcoming Events

Unleash: A Six Week Course on Discovering your Calling

Unleash is a six-week course to help you begin the process of discerning the voice of God and discovering what your unique calling is.


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Where We Sense God Leading Us


Hip-Hop Outreach

In 2018, Our founder, Pastor Arman Sheffey and Hip-Hop artist, Jonathan Lozada collaborated to form Unshackled Records. Pastor Fury’s album was released in 2018 and Jonathan’s debut EP, “It’s Time” was released on March 1st, 2019  and Beats, Bars, and Bible began in July, 2019.


House/Organic Churches

Who better to reach our neighbors with the love of Jesus than us. We will have local gatherings of believers that come together to study God’s word, share meals, and life together while opening their doors and hearts to others in their neighborhood. Freedom Fighters microchurch is such a community hoping to be used by God to  launch more and more microchurches.

Coming Soon

Homeless Outreach

Many of God’s children currently have no roof over their heads. Many are sheep without a shepherd. We are called to do life amongst them and dignify the image of God in each and every one of them as we strive to love them like Jesus.

Coming Soon

Insert Your God Dream

We identify, equip and unleash the God dreams of those that are called to the margins of today’s society. Got a people group on your heart that seem lost in the shadows? Let’s journey together.


God has a passion for growing His family. Too many go looking for family in the wrong places: like gangs. Frontline Street Intervention, led by Jesus “Chuy” Llanos, is a 501c3 microchurch devoted to gang prevention and intervention.

Coming Soon

Prison Outreach

In God’s word he specifically tells us that when we visit those in prison we do it as a ministry to Him. As we walk in the freedom of Jesus we are given the responsibility to go and share that opportunity for freedom to those in bondage.

Ways To Partner


1. Pray that the Lord would raise up followers of Jesus from the shadows of Lake County.

2. Pray that the Lord lead and guide our discipleship efforts and make next steps evermore clear.

3. Pray that the Lord sends the financial provision necessary to do exactly what He desires accomplished.


Shoot us an email as we would love to connect with you to discuss you coming to an upcoming gathering and exploring what God might be wanting to do through you.


God is not short of funds. He owns all resources, including those entrusted to you and I. If God is connecting your heart to this mission, we’d love to help you put your financial resources to good use. See more about our finances on our giving page.

Drop Us a Line

Don’t be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!