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Holy Week

Here is a proposed schedule of ways to commemorate and celebrate this week of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.


Serve Someone

On the Thursday before his death on the cross, Jesus had his final night with His disciples and in a profound act of humility, he washed their feet. As a way to commemorate this, we’d encourage you to make today about serving someone, especially the most vulnerable in our community. Consider blessing an elderly neighbor with a trip for groceries, or signing up to start serving at a homeless shelter or food pantry.


Reflect on the Grave

Good Friday is always a perfect opportunity to bring our sinfulness to the forefront to reflect and repent. This year, we’d encourage participating in a 3-day journey presented by a ministry in New Zealand called the prayer collective. Day 1 is the practice of empathy, silence, self-examination, and simplicity. Prepare for the journey here. Download the full mobile-friendly guide here.


Sit in the Sabbath

Weekly, Jesus as well as all the people of Israel, practiced Sabbath rest. Day 2 of the three-day experience calls us into deep rest and further contemplation, including fasting and exploring the art of “non-anxious presence.” The whole journey overview can be found here, with soundtrack ideas for each day. Details on the recommended practice for Day 2 is here. [Optional Time-out image they mention.]



Rejoice in the Garden

Today is a day of unbridled celebration as we fix our eyes on the RISEN Jesus. Today, Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, is the culminating event of this week. Begin this new week with Day 3 of the Graves to Garden journey before sunrise. Details for Day 3 here.