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              Join with us as we minister to those on the margins of Lake County and beyond.

The Sound of Worship Project - (Pastor Abraham Wonders)

 Our network has been connected to Pastor Abraham Wonders in Nairobi, Kenya for a little while now and we have been so blown away by the way he has been able to impact his community.
We now want to let you know about an opportunity you have to be a part of the gospel going forth with great effectiveness. Watch the video and prayerfully consider helping to provide the equipment needed to share the gospel more effectively in the slums of Kenya.

School Joy Project - (Pastor Appa Rao)

 Our network has been blessed to have Pastor Appa Rao and Bhanu join us as they work tirelessly in India on behalf of the Gospel. At the heart of their calling is not only the preaching of the Gospel but of caring for the poor. They are now hoping to have a huge educational blessing for homeless and orphaned children of India.
They know hundreds of children in need in their area and surrounding villages and are hoping to bless at least 100 to start with back-to-school kits, with their project they are calling, “School Joy.” Watch the video and prayerfully consider donating.

We strongly believe that God has already set aside all the resources that we will need to do all that He has planned in Lake County and beyond through Unshackled. We believe some of those funds may be in your care. We alson believe that God wants to expand the Kingdom in some really unique ways that the culture won’t see coming. Come join us.

Where Does the Money Go?

Our conviction: We will never spend more on the network than we do on blessing the community. 

Below is a percentage breakdown on how we have commited to spend every penny that comes in through our general fund.



Network Management

We plant microchurches using this budget. This also funds our support services that we provide to micro-churches, including administrative, technical & website costs, etc.  



Microchurch Grants

While micro-churches are trained on fundraising and expected to raise funds for their needs, we also provide grants for missional ventures. Your gift allows micro-churches to apply for funds to make mission happen.


Local Missions

While each of our micro-churches will have their own local missional focus, there are some things that as a network we would love to do together to advance the mission of God in Lake County (i.e: partnering with food pantries, school outreaches, etc). Your donation helps the mission move forward.



As God presents us with people in crisis we desire to be able to help them as best we can. This would be a supplement to aid in the caring for one another. Your support helps us support one another through the most difficult of times.


Global Missions

We believe that God is not only at work here but abroad. We want to participate in that work as well, in whatever ways the Lord allows. Your partnership is important for our global mission.



We believe operating with margin is wisdom. Sometimes things are beyond our initial expectations. This also gives us the ability to save for future missional endeavors.

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