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Become A Freedom Partner

              Join with us as we minister to those on the margins of Lake County and beyond.

We strongly believe that God has already set aside all the resources that we will need to do all that He has planned in Lake County and beyond through Unshackled. We believe some of those funds may be in your care. We also believe that God wants to expand the Kingdom in some really unique ways that the culture won’t see coming. Come join us.

Where Does the Money Go?

Our conviction: We will never spend more on the network than we do on blessing the community. 

Below is a list of our priorities on which we spend we spend the money that comes in through our general fund.


Supporting Our Local Microchurches

Frontline Street Intervention

Beats, Bars, & Bible

Freedom Fighters Online

Supporting Our Global Microchurches

Steps of Kindness

Bethlehem Minsitries

Supporting Our Local Partners

Mosaic House Ministries

Informed Choices

Supporting Gospel Initiatives

Five by the Fire Podcast

Stories from the Edges