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Resurrection Sunday Celebration

Before Sunrise

“Easter Sunday provides the final steps in the Graves to Gardens journey. We’ll try on the disciplines of celebration and “nature immersion” (the discipline of experiencing God through nature) which will help us explore our part in the ever-expanding kingdom of God among us.” Taken from Graves To Gardens

The culminating activity in the Graves to Garden Journey is found here.

April 12 

(approximately @ 5:46 am in Lake County) 

Global Easter Zoom Gathering

We have a unique opportunity that has been born out of this difficult season. The network that we have partnered with and learned from as we launched is hosting a global Easter gathering with missional network all over the world. Come and celebrate Jesus with us in a beautiful, unifying and edifying experience.

April 12 @ 7am CT Unshacklednetwork.org/EasterZoom 


Interactive Easter Worship Service

For those of you who love inviting friends and family who aren’t really into church to a special Easter service, but are sad that we are all in seclusion, here’s a great opportunity.

April 12 @ 10:30 am some of us will continue worshiping together as one of our microchurches hosts a live zoom gathering with non-believers in mind. We will participate with Transformation Church in Tulsa in their worship experience, while we interact with one another live over zoom. 

April 12

10:30 am Fellowship and connection

11:00 am Worship begins